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We are a small firm based in Kailua, Hawaii offering personal financial planning and investment supervisory services. Being a small firm does offer our clients some advantages. Being nimble, we can quickly work with you to respond to changes in circumstances that affect your finaicial plan as they occur or are anticipated. Each client is a "big fish" in our pond deserving of our full attention and responsiveness.


Much like your CPA or attorney, we are compensated directly by you, not through commissions or any type of payment from financial institutions. In this way, you can be assured that we study what drives you, what your aspirations are, and what challenges you may face and remain objective in planning recommendations we present to you.

Because our recommendations may involve insurance or annuity products, we stand ready to work with your current insurance, banking, or investment advisors. Similarly, we welcome the opportunity to consult with your attorney, CPA, family member, or anyone you designate who may further the development or implementation of your plan.

Potential clients may already have a personal financial plan in place and wish to engage us to supervise their portfolio in accordance with their stated investment policy. In certain situations we will provide this service, typically with our fees based on the market value of the portfolio (known as "assets under management", or "AUM" fees). In these situations as well, AUM fees are paid to us directly by our clients and are transparent, readily determinable, and not dependent on the specific investment vehicles or buy/sell transactions involved.

The independence we enjoy is a cornerstone of our practice and helps us maximize the value we deliver. As such, we welcome open discussion in this area from current and prospective clients.


There are a host of moving parts when it comes to successfully executing your financial plan. We are able to fulfill a leading role by working with your other professional advisors and our affiliated asset managers to develop and update your plan, as well as to monitor progress toward your goals. Here is a summary of the key players:

Note that your portfolio assets are held by an independent broker/custodian of your choice, who provides all recordkeeping and processes all transactions. While we would work with the broker/custodian on your behalf, we would have no discretionary authority to initiate any transaction without your specific approval.

Who we are

Lance S. Masatsugu, CPA/PFS

Lance is the principal of Panoramic Planning & Management, Inc. After starting his career as a CPA with a prominent local firm and later with the local office of an international accounting firm, he went on to spend much of his professional career in private industry here in Hawaii. Much of his experience in the retail, design, automotive wholesale, and hospitality industries focused on corporate planning, financial management, reporting, and employee retirement plan administration.

Lance has always taken particular interest in the use of technologically advanced tools which allow efficient access to data and leverage the abilities of the user in providing more insightful analyses of that data. His interest in the financial markets grew from his involvement with corporate retirement plans, both as a participant and a member of investment committees. These interests led Lance to refocus his career on this dynamic, fascinating, and extremely rewarding field of personal financial planning.

He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and has earned its Personal Financial Specialist® designation.


Panoramic offers both financial planning and investment management services to individuals, families, and related business entities.

Broad-based financial planning, including investment management.
A broad-based financial plan is designed to help you achieve your broad-based life goals. Other sections discuss our core beliefs and approach to financial planning.

  1. The initial and most impactful step in the process involves us fully understanding your goals and their priority, as they are the underpinning for every decision regarding the deployment of your financial resources.

  2. We will then prepare a preliminary plan and investment policy and review it with you. Various scenarios will be presented for discussion, covering areas such as portfolio construction, income taxes, insurance, retirement income, and estate transfer issues as appropriate. At this point we may be advise you to involve your insurance, tax, or legal advisors to obtain their nuanced insight on specific planning issues.

  3. We will take the lead in implementing your plan, coordinating the efforts of your other professional advisors as necessary.

  4. Essentially, we will work with you and your advisors on an on-going basis to help you move toward your desired objectives.

Investment management only.
In certain circumstances, we provide investment management services to clients who do not require our broad-based financial planning services. In this situation, we will be guided by the client's investment policy. We will monitor your investment portfolio and discuss quarterly performance with you.

Our fees

As discussed in the "independence" section, we are compensated for our services directly by you and our compensation is not dependent on any product or service you use in the implementation of your plan.

Broad-based financial planning and investment management services.
For these services, we believe an annual retainer is the most effective arrangement. In contrast with hourly rate billing or fees based on assets under management, both parties benefit by knowing in advance exactly what fees will be charged for contracted services. After introductory discussions with you, we will furnish you with a fixed annual fee proposal that will cover planning and investment management services based on anticipated complexity and can range from $2,500 to $10,000 in the initial year. Subsequent renewal retainers may be reduced if expected planning activities are expected to decrease.

Investment management services only.
Here, the scope of our services is limited to supervising the a client's investment portfolio in accordance with the client's investment policy. We are comfortable that the common industry practice of charging a fee based on the value of the assets in the portfolio is appropriate in this situation. Our fees will be billed quarterly based on the market value of the portfolio using an annual rate that ranges from 1.0% down to 0.15% depending on the portfolio value.

Fees in general.
We believe that an open discussion with clients regarding fees is essential to both parties seeing and realizing value in our relationship. We may be flexible in applying the above policies should special circumstances warrant.


Scope of services.
Panoramic Planning & Management, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor authorized to offer planning and investment advisory services in the State of Hawaii. Accordingly, all statements and other communication contained herein is strictly intended for individuals residing in the State of Hawaii.

"Links" or references to other websites.
Any external internet address referenced herein contains information and other content published independently of Panoramic Planning & Management, Inc. and there we do not assume responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of said content.

No warranty or guarantee of investment results.
Information presented herein, including charts, articles, or statements regarding the financial markets are from sources we deem to be reliable. However, we make no warranty or guarantee regarding such information. PAST RESULTS ARE NOT AN INDICATION OF FUTURE PERFORMANCE AND WE MAKE NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AS TO THE ACCURACY, COMPLETENESS, OR ATTAINABLITY OF RESULTS DESCRIBED HEREIN OR IN ANY OTHER WEBSITE REFERENCED HEREIN.

Privacy policy.
It is the policy of Panoramic Planning & Management, Inc. to keep any nonpublic personal information collected from clients confidential and to disclose such information only as directed or approved by the client, or as required by law. Panoramic Planning & Management, Inc. maintains physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards over this information.

Information We May Collect: Panoramic Planning & Management, Inc. collects through discussions, correspondence, application forms, and questionnaires personal information such as name and address, social security number, financial situation, investment objectives, income and expenses, account numbers, and other personal information.

How Information Will Be Used: Panoramic Planning & Management, Inc. will use information it collects solely to assist clients in preparing and maintaining their financial plans and in providing investment supervisory services. Information specifically required to carry out the clientʼs instructions relating to nonaffiliated third parties (such as broker/dealers, custodians, third party investment advisors) will be deemed to have been automatically authorized by the client. In these situations, only information that is required will be furnished.